What to Expect


Download New Patient Entrance Forms

1st VISIT – Initial Chiropractic Consultation

Welcome! We'll greet you and ensure your entrance forms are completed properly (these will be emailed to you upon making your appointment or download from above).  We will take a profile picture to personalize your file here and show you through the clinic so that you can feel at home and comfortable.

During the initial consultation you will be given the opportunity to tell the your ‘story’ and we will listen. The you will be encouraged to share any and all relevant health history along with your hopes, goals and expectations. Please bring any previous examinations/findings related to your past health history.

With your consent the a thorough physical examination (including neurological, orthopedic and muscular assessment) will be performed. A full body photo will be taken for specialized postural analysis (for accuracy please wear well fitting clothes).

The Doctor will then undertake a detailed chiropractic examination of your spine and nerve system using the Gonstead Method of analysis to identify any nerve interference (this is often the root cause of health concerns).

If the Doctor determines that x-rays are necessary they will be taken on site for $130.  For patients concerned about x-ray radiation click on this link and this link to calculate risk.

Your doctor will then need time to carefully analyze your x-rays and correlate all the examination findings before your next appointment, that will be the Doctor’s Report.

The Doctor’s Report consists of a full explanation of exactly what’s been found and showing you using a picture, model and demonstration how it has occurred and how it can be corrected or improved. He will show and inform you how the problem identified is gently, safely and effectively corrected with a Gonstead Adjustment in order for you to improve and achieve optimal health. The Doctor will discuss whether it’s correctable and if so, over what time frame, how often you’ll need to come in and what sort of financial investment will be required in order to help get you/your child as good as possible as quick as possible and how to stay that way for as long as possible.

Because there’s tremendous power in you fully understanding your problem and how we will work with you to correct it, we provide you with all the findings and best care recommendations so that you can make a well informed choice to proceed with chiropractic care.

2nd VISIT – Doctor’s Report

Your second visit will be scheduled on Tuesday at 5:30 pm and you can expect to spend from 1 – 2 hours in the office.

The 1st part of this report is done in a group setting with other new patients and their spouses.  It’s designed to give you a better understanding of health, how you’ve got to this point and how we can work together to get you to a much better state of health and well-being.  It prepares you to view and understand your x-rays and examination findings that will be shared individually after the group report.

Your Doctor will then take you individually having reviewed and correlated all your findings, determined the most accurate way of adjusting (gentle, safe and highly specific) your spine to correction and prepared a care plan to help you achieve the best results.

Along with an overview of your whole spine, you will be shown, on your own x-rays, precisely which joint and which bone needs to be corrected toward normal with a Gonstead Adjustment for you to attain optimal function.  You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you might have and then, with your consent and desire to proceed in agreement with our recommendations, we will give you your 1st adjustment.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits are usually 15 minutes or less in the office.

Having developed a very good understanding of your spine and health, the purpose of follow-up visits is to check to see how you are doing, how your spine is functioning and most importantly, if there is any nerve interference.

A thorough Gonstead examination will be performed to determine if there is any nerve interference.  If there is evidence of nerve interference, then you need an adjustment to remove the nerve pressure.  If you have healed well and are holding your adjustment, then no adjustment is necessary.

My aim is to help you get as good as possible as quick as possible – get great results fast – help you into a state where you can heal and stabilize naturally!

Keep coming back?

Do you have to keep coming back? NO!

Your health is your responsibility and I am here to serve you. My recommendations are given based on the success achieved with cases just like yours – it is up to you whether you follow my recommendations or not. Once you are fixed up and feeling good, you can decide if you’d like my help to prevent relapse and maintain optimal health. Some people don’t want optimal health and that’s ok.

Do I recommend healthy check-ups? Absolutely!

I know how crucial the function of your spine and nerve system is to your overall health and wellbeing. You know that your car is going to last longer if you get it serviced and problems are fixed sooner rather than later. Good thing about your car, you can trade it in. You can’t do that with your spine! You might say that we aren’t machines and can help ourselves, I agree. Let’s then consider your teeth. Your teeth are going to look better and last longer if you get them checked by a dentist right? Good thing about teeth is they can be replaced. You can’t do that with your spine. The quality and function of your spine is far more important than your teeth (not to mention your car) because of the affect it can have on every aspect of your life via your nerve system (how you feel, your mood, looks, sleep, digestion, heart and lung function just to name a few).