​X-rays Benefits & Risks

The longer I’m in practice the more my findings correlate exactly with what the x-rays show, but the saying still holds true.

“To see is to know, not to see is to guess” … I don’t want to guess with your spine and nervous system!

We take your x-rays onsite to ensure precise patient positioning that allows us to make an accurate biomechanically analysis.

The x-rays help to determine how quickly you will respond and how vulnerable you will be to further injury and arthritis.

It is also powerful for you too!  On YOUR own x-rays you will see how much damage the subluxation has caused.  I will show you which bone/s is/are responsible for your problems, how it has misaligned and how we will move it back toward normal to give you the best opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being.

It’s not about believing in chiropractic, it’s about seeing and understanding what’s happened and what needs to be done.

The Risks

With the x-rays that we take, According the the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, there are none! To see the abstract on PubMed - click here or an article from medicalnewstoday.com that covers the research.

You can also read the article "Radiogenic Cancer Risks from Chiropractic X-rays are Zero"

Understanding safety from a benefit and risk comparison - click here.

You can also calculate your risk - click here.