Our Motive

to help you get as good as possible as quick as possible!  And to do it in a way that helps you stay that way for as long as possible!

We turn the life on to your body so that healing and optimal function can happen!

Now it's important to understand the truth: you can't BE healthy!

Just like an apple tree can't BE an apple - health is the fruit of a way of doing life... sickness is treated while health is cultivated.

There is an order to life, and all the good things in life can only be experienced and sustained in this order:


All of life happens this way... health is no exception!

We utilize the Gonstead System to identify and correct the subluxation - the thing that blocks the ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT flow of life in your body. This allows the power that flows through your nerve system to heal, regenerate and renew your body... because the same power that grew and developed you knows better than anyone or anything else how to heal you!

So we do health care here!  We work with people from all walks of life, with any pain or health problem at every age and stage, by removing interference to the ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT flow of life.  We don't treat sickness, we empower healing.  We provide a place where people come to get well and stay well, learning that true physical health and optimum potential start with a nerve system free from interference - this allows good communication between the head and the body!

We provide proactive care that's focused on working toward correction and optimal function and then maintaining it... so if you want to live your best life you've found the right place because we are fast becoming know as the place that can help, even where nothing else has!