Gonstead Adjustment

In order to achieve a CORRECTION in the most effective way possible, a specific adjustment of the subluxated bone to return it toward its normal position is required.

The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as gentle, safe and ultra-specific when delivering the most accurate adjustment possible.  The aim is to reduce the nerve compromise by influencing only the subluxation, moving the involved bone toward normal.

A Gonstead adjustment is given by the hands of a skilled chiropractor, contacting the skin of the patient that covers the subluxated bone to ensure a specific, sensitive, controlled, responsive and personalized adjustment.

The Gonstead adjustment is a quick, small sustained thrust with the intent of correcting the subluxation that often results in a clicking/popping sound (like a poping of the knuckles) as the bone moves toward normal alignment… a Gonstead adjustment is not a manipulation.

If a bone is subluxated you NEED an adjustment!  If a subluxation has NOT been identified (on each visit!), then you don’t need an adjustment – a skilled and experienced chiropractor will know… but only after a thorough examination… and that’s what we do on every visit.

Our goal: to restore and maintain optimal health by removing any interference to your nerve system caused by subluxations.

“There is a vast difference between an adjustment and a manipulation.”
 – C. S. Gonstead