​X-rays Benefits & Risks

The longer I’m in practice the more my findings correlate well with what the x-rays show but the saying still holds true;

“To see is to know, not to see is to guess” … I don’t want to guess with your spine and nervous system!

We take your x-rays onsite to ensure precise patient positioning that allows us to make a far more accurate biomechanical analysis.

The high quality digital x-rays show the state of your spine which is vital in helping to determine how quickly you will respond to care and how vulnerable you will be to further injury and arthritis.

It is also powerful for you to see and understand and we take the time to talk you through what your x-rays show! It enables a greater degree of comfort knowing that when adjustments are made, they are directed at moving a misaligned segment back to normal position (we don't randomly manipulate). A vital part of giving you the best opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being.

It’s not about believing in chiropractic, it’s about seeing and understanding what’s happened and what needs to be done.

The Risks

With the x-rays that we take, According the the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, there are no risks! To see the abstract on PubMed - click here, or for an article from medicalnewstoday.com that covers the research.

The reality is that the linear "no threshold" model of x-ray radiation came from very poor studies (wouldn't even call it science) largely based on nuclear disasters. The more detailed and accurate studies are beginning to demonstrate that there is a threshold and that within that threshold there is likely to be a hormetic/hormesis effect (beneficial/stimulatory stress analogous to exercise).

 - see https://nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/resources/health/linear-non-threshold-model/index.cfm 

You can also read the article "Radiogenic Cancer Risks from Chiropractic X-rays are Zero"

Understanding safety from a benefit and risk comparison - click here.

Aside from the above mentioned benefits/reasons for taking x-rays, their may be some neurological improvement gain from low dose radiation based on a recent study investigating possible treatment for Alzheimers... but we don't engage in this type of research here ;) 

Many other articles to support the safety and efficacy of x-ray examination and analysis (thanks to cbpnonprofit.com) - see below!