​Rock Solid Foundation

This practice is built on the foundation that Jesus Christ has laid for us… himself (the Corner Stone - Ps 118:22)!

We (the cells of His body) will have life, and life abundantly (John 10:10), when we are in right relationship with our creator (the head).  The ultimate “adjustment” is the change that takes place when Jesus restores that right relationship. We are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) to reflect his glory and by his grace, this practice abides by the principles set out by him, the Creator and Sustainer of all things. These principles apply to our physical bodies… when our cells are in right relationship with the head (brain) through a nerve system free from interference, we can have optimal health and well-being, when that relationship is interfered with (subluxation), dis-ease results. Here we identify nerve interference, remove it, and in so doing restore right relationship between your head and body so that you can heal, feel and function at your best… because that’s what you were created for!

Why, you might ask do I pin my hopes on Jesus? The life of this crucified Jewish Rabbi has been the most pivotal, world-changing life this planet has ever seen - he is the Corner Stone of the Christian faith, of our society, of modern civilization, of history, time itself and the world! 

How can I be so sure? The Bible!  - Historically accurate, internally consistent, contains prophecies that have been fulfilled 100s of years later, has influenced the course of history more than any other book, continues to change the lives of millions of individuals as it has throughout history, through it people come to find salvation, it has majestic beauty and profound depth of teaching unmatched by any other book and it claims to be God's word 100s of times over (from Wayne Grudem's Bible Doctrine).