Here are just a few testimonies from the hundreds of people we help everyday.

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Billi -Jo Laflamme - Testimonial Billi -Jo Laflamme - Testimonial

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  • Fantastic care! Caring staff. Dr Egan is phenomenal. He gives the best care...
    read Julie L.
  • ...Since being in his care my bouts of pain have greatly diminished in frequency and intensity. I am very happy to have treatment that corrects the root problem of my pain and leaves me feeling ‘back to normal’ again!
    read Stephen B.
  • ...After a few months of treatment, my symptoms have greatly improved.
    read Adam D.
  • I have experienced a huge improvement in mobility and agility...
    Read Belinda S.
  • ...Dr. Egan adjusted my neck making it fully inline with my body. Then the pain in my neck went away.
    Read Wes C.
  • I have been going here for about 6 weeks and I love it, he us focused on your needs and I must say I've been the best I have in a long time, I definitely recommend going here!
    Robyn H.
  • I have had great relief from back ,neck and shoulder pain since I started in Feb. 2017. The staff is amazing. You are treated as a person not a $ sign. Great group to heal by.
    Joy B.
  • Staff is great. Treatment helps very much. I would recommend to anyone looking for relief.
    Tracy W.
  • The people at Peninsula Chiro make you feel important and that they care about you. Everyone is friendly and work hard to accommodate your needs. Thanks to Dr. Egan's skills I am gaining mobility and strength again. Really appreciate the wholistic approach.
    Sylvia B.
  • I've never tried chiropractic care until meeting Dr. Egan. He took in everything I told him and was committed to helping be get healthy. I suffered from migraines, constipation, and difficulty falling asleep. With just a few adjustments I noticed amazing improvements. He is amazing at what he does and is very friendly as well as his staff. I recommend to everyone seeking chiropractic care. This is the place to go!
    Brianna G.
  • Where do I start! What I feel is the most important is how much Dr. Egan cares about my well-being. It is truly genuine; he goes above and beyond. I see him monthly for adjustments; this is to prevent an injury. I am a Dental Assistant, and this is a physically challenging job for my spine. He is very knowledgeable, confident and down-to-earth. The environment in the office is relaxed and inviting. The staff is great and always ready to help. I highly recommend Peninsula Chiropractic!
    Tara T.
  • "...I have had problems with circulation in my legs and back pain where I could not walk 50 meters for the last 8 years. ...After the first session with Thomas, I was able to walk 3 hours in a mall and I slept in a bed..."
    Read Bonnie's
  • "Before I met Dr. Egan, I felt tired, no energy very often. This tiredness bothered me so much that I could not even enjoy my vacation. First time I visited Dr. Egan, after reviewing my X-ray result, he put my C6 back to the place! My C6 had been out of place for years. My former Chiropractor told my husband that it was my familial problem. So I didn’t even think that anyone could adjust it. Dr. Egan did it. I felt better right after the first adjustment. And now I feel much better after several follow ups with him."
    Dorthy W.
  • “I went to see Thomas because I had experienced 8 years of chronic lower back and hip pain. I had even been hospitalized due to immobility. I was told I had arthritis... and now ...PAIN FREE! I had a very active summer full of bike riding, chopping wood, and was able to keep up with my two young boys..."
    Read L. Farr's
  • “I have visited many Chiropractors in my time on this planet But never before have I been relieved of the pain & restricted movement so quickly & efficiently than @ the hands of Dr. Tom Egan. Thank you Tom & Leah for helping to restore my mobility.”
    Geof M.
  • “Believe it or not, I had 4 surgeries on my knees, that I never needed. ...They were all trying to fix my knees. ...Thomas addressed the cause instead of the symptom. I immediately lost weight, and got into great shape..."
    Read Don's Testimony
  • “I have suffered with headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. ... I found myself at Peninsula Chiropractic after being referred by a friend. During my first visit I was given a real explanation..."
    Read Meagan's
  • “...I was in tremendous pain – walking was difficult and playing with my young children was nearly impossible. My family doctor prescribed pain killers and told me my only option, if I couldn’t cope with the meds, was surgery..."
    Read Sarah's
  • ”Thinking I had exhausted all of my care options after months of chronic pain in my back and chest, I went in to see Dr. Egan. Not only did he pinpoint the reason for my immediate pain, but also found underlying issues causing other day-to-day pains I thought were normal. I’m healing and so grateful to have finally found treatment that works!”
    Darya D.
  • “I have been going to Dr. Egan for about 9 months and I would definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain or any pain at all. I don't normally speak out or tell people about the past 6 years of my life because it was nothing but..."
    Read Jacylnn's