I graduated from RMIT University Melbourne (AUSTRALIA) with a double degree (Bach. App. Sci.(Clinical Science)/Bach. Chiropractic Sci.) at the end of 2004 which means I have almost 9 years of experience if you take into account my mid-year exit into practice for completing the clinical requirements early in 2004.

Radiological Sciences – Certificate of Highest Excellence means that I graduated top of my class.  It means that I know how to analyze x-rays and have seen things when others didn't.  I continue to study each person’s x-rays and find they provide a lot of information allowing us to identify problems that might have been previously missed.

Gonstead Extremity Certification means that I have recognized expertise in the care of extremity conditions.  It means that I can adjust pretty much any bone in your body, correcting hip, knee, ankle and foot problems, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems and even jaw problems.  As you will hear me say, if you have any pain or health problem – think chiropractic… I’ll look after you!