Peninsula Chiropractic Team

  • Dr. Thomas Egan, the Aussie

    Why should you come and see me? Because I care about you! I don’t just care about the pain or symptom you are experiencing, I don’t just care about how your body is doing now, I care about you the person and the life you are living and where your body is going to be taking you. Because I have experience, not 10+ years of ‘run of the mill chiropractic’ that started after becoming a licensed chiropractor (December 2004...
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  • Chris Janzen - Chiropractic Health Assistant

    Hi! My name is Chris Janzen and I am excited to be part of the amazing chiropractic team here as a chiropractor assistant. I was born in Niagara Falls and lived there for 13 years before moving to Fonthill for the past 12 years. I recently graduated from Elmira College with my bachelors in science, majoring in Biology and Biochemistry with a focus in health science. Health and physical activity have always been a forefront in my life ...
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  • Shaun Berardi - Technical Chiropractic Assistant

    Hello! My name is Shaun and I am the Technical Chiropractic Assistant here at Peninsula Chiropractic. I was born, raised, and have called Welland home my entire life. After finishing high school, I went on to complete my Physical Education (Hons.) degree at Brock University. During my final year there I obtained my Personal Training Certificate and became a Personal Trainer at our local YMCA. My passion has always been on health, and being a ...
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