Simply put: A subluxation is a joint problem causing nerve interference.

The most common cause of a subluxation is trauma (birth, learning to walk, falls, sporting injuries, repetitive movements, etc).

The primary function of a joint is to move.  Correct movement = correct function.

Injury, through trauma or repetitive stress, can cause a bone to move too much causing tissue damage. Your body then reacts to protect the joint with swelling and muscle tightness, it restricts the movement to prevent further injury. This lack of movement results in joint dysfunction and compensation.

The injured joint won’t heal fully unless it is moving properly.  That is why specific adjustments are necessary to restore normal movement. Many adults have subluxations resulting from a childhood or teenage injury because the joint function wasn’t restored soon after the injury, their body just learned to compensate for the problem.

This is why it is so important for parents to have their children’s spines checked as they are growing up so they don’t develop chronic subluxations and subsequent health conditions.  And that’s why it is so important for you to get checked by a Gonstead Chiropractor after any injury or accident.

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