​Dr. C. S. Gonstead - The Man

Gonstead: The ManIt is commonly said that D.D. Palmer Founded, B.J. Palmer Developed and C.S. Gonstead Mastered Chiropractic.

The Gonstead system of chiropractic was founded and developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead who graduated a chiropractor in 1923 after a career in mechanical engineering. His devotion and commitment to getting sick people well, led him in his desire to establish a system of finding the major problem and then giving it a specific chiropractic adjustment to restore normal function.

Gonstead the System

The Gonstead System is a method of chiropractic used to analyze and care for the spine that has been around for over 50 years and has stood the test of time. It is a safe and effective technique system that is suited to everyone from infants to grandparents.

The method of analysis involves:

  • Comprehensive and detailed health history
  • Visualization of your posture and movement
  • Measuring the difference in skin temperature on either side of your spine by way of instrumentation at the level where the nerves exit
  • Feeling your spine (static palpation) and surrounding tissue for local tenderness, swelling and muscle activity
  • Assessing the motion (motion palpation) between individual spinal segments
  • Meticulous study of your x-rays performing a thorough biomechanical analysis and for signs of disease, fracture and anomaly.

The beauty of Gonstead, and what he has passed on to us, is his approach to Chiropractic… always striving to find the right bone and give a better, more specific adjustment.  He really cared and made it his life’s work to get a better and quicker result for the patients he was seeing.

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