Arthritis – Problem Solved!

First we must clarify that we are talking about the more common 'degenerative/old age' arthritis, the inflammatory arthritis (eg.: rheumatoid, SLE, psoriatic, etc.) will be discussed separately.

Arthritis is the most common misdiagnosis!

Normal Vs Arthritis – C7 is the subluxated vertebra with degenerative arthritis directly above (C4-7)

Degenerative arthritis is very common and is given such names as spinal decay, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint/disc disease, wear and tear, spinal stenosis, etc. and if you’ve been given any one of these as a diagnosis, THE problem has been overlooked.

Arthritis is A problem (of course, your joints are wearing out), but it’s not THE problem! Just like pain is a means of communication (the way your body tells you that there is something wrong), arthritis is there because of an underlying problem. You wouldn’t think your doctor very smart or helpful if you presented with a sore leg and he gave you the diagnosis of leg pain… getting arthritis as a diagnosis is just like this.

The different names above mean much the same thing, the joints haven’t been moving correctly over a period of time and that’s why they are wearing out. It has been occurring over time so it is associated with age but IS NOT CAUSED BY AGE. So what causes arthritis? Arthritis is the result of incorrect (usually compensatory) joint movement. THE CAUSE IS A SUBLUXATION, a bone misalignment (repeated minor injuries or major injury) that your body is protecting from further injury causing a restricted joint. It is almost always a single bone that is injured out of alignment, just like when a chain breaks it does so at the weakest or most vulnerable link.

With your body protecting that bone by restricting the joint movement, other bones and joints will move more than normal to compensate for that joint. This abnormal movement and the stress and strain will accelerate the wear and tear/degeneration and this results in arthritis (along with pain and stiffness).  Note, ARTHRITIS IS NOT THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF PAIN AND STIFFNESS, the same thing that’s causing the pain is the same thing that’s causing the arthritis… the subluxation!

Subluxation in red – excessive movement either side of joint.

Since arthritis is really just degeneration, THE BEST APPROAH FOR ARTHRITIS then is to CORRECT THE SUBLUXATION so that your body can function normally and regenerate!

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We don’t manage arthritis – we correct the cause!