Why Chiropractic?

Because we KNOW (as does modern science) that the nerve system controls and co-ordinates every single cell, tissue, organ, system and function of your body.  So if you have any pain or sickness and want to be healthy, making sure your nerves are not compromised is the best place to start.

For example: the growth and development of your child, your digestion, immune system, hormone levels, etc.

Messages (LIFE) are sent from the brain to all the different parts of your body, as well as messages being sent from all the different parts of your body back to the brain to keep you alive and well.  RIGHT RELATIONSHIP!

We KNOW (as does modern science) that the spine acts as a gateway for your nerve system.

We KNOW (as does modern science) that spinal problems can interfere with the messages sent along the nerves.

The result: a disruption to the flow of LIFE in your body.

  • Dis-ease (where the body isn’t getting the messages of life to function with ease)
  • Pain (where your body is trying to let you know that something is wrong)
  • Sickness (the dis-ease has created an environment where virus and bacteria can thrive)
  • Disease (when the body functions so badly that the resulting symptoms can be given a medical name)

Makes sense to keep your spine and nerve system free from problems, right?