What about the pain?

Step-by-step to overcoming pain!

1. Recognize that pain is not the problem - it's the way your body is telling you that there is a problem! This is the 1st and most important step! You don't want to just suppress the pain, you want to correct the cause.

2. Understand that pain is experienced when you can't compensate for the underlying cause and significant tissue damage is actually occurring. You have an amazing ability to compensate, and, 90% of your nerve system is dedicated to function, only 10% is for how you feel (pain in only a small component of that

 10%). If you are experiencing a recurring pain, it's not that the cause of your pain is coming and going, it's that you are managing/compensating well some of the time (no pain) and poorly at other times (pain).

3. Identify the cause of the pain. Identify the cause of the cause of the pain. Identify the cause of the cause of the cause of the pain and so on. In short, get to the root cause of your pain. For example someone can have a sore shoulder, the cause of this can be overactive rotator cuff muscles, the cause of that can be poor shoulder girdle alignment (rounded shoulders), the cause of this can be compensation for upper neck subluxation, the cause of this could be birth trauma.

4. Correct the cause. In the above example, we can't turn back the hands of time and influence the birth process, however we can correct the resultant subluxation and start the healing process - better function and improved structural integrity.

5. Recognize that it's way better staying well than trying to get well. Focus on function, on pursuing and maintaining optimal function rather than trying to get away from pain and sickness. If we focus on pain and sickness, even the treatment of pain and sickness, we tend to reinforce that and get more of it over time. The vision you have for your life will determine your success in this area, so set compelling goals that will enable you to love and serve others more effectively because everything good in life flows above-down-inside-out!