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GREAT NEWS! If you are in need of help, we can help you!

The bad news is that our governing bodies have limited access to chiropractors so if you don't fit certain criteria (click beside), we will willingly care for you after the governing bodies remove the limitations imposed.


If you have any questions please call Dr. Egan at 289 990 7753 - everything else will be followed up with when limitations are lifted!



IMG6154.JPG   Dr. Thomas Egan

Monday  7:30 - 10:30  3:30 - 6:30
Tuesday  7:30 - 10:30  2:30 - 4:30
Wednesday  3:30 - 6:30
Thursday  7:30 - 10:30  3:30 - 6:30

Dr. Park Dr. Eric Park 

Monday   7:30 - 10:30   12:30 - 6:30
Tuesday   7:30 - 10:30   12:30 - 4:30
Wednesday   7:30 - 12:30   3:30 - 6:30
Thursday    12:00 - 6:30
Friday   7:30 - 10:30   12:30 - 6:30
Saturday   7:30 - 10:30

Gonstead Chiropractic Care

Call 289-820-5255 for your appointment and discover the health benefits of gentle, safe and ultra-specific chiropractic care that corrects the cause rather than just managing the symptom. Gonstead Chiropractic can benefit all people, at any age, with any condition… just see - We Can Help!  Even for those with only a thread of hope remaining – come and experience the Gonstead difference.

You can expect an easy to understand, no-nonsense explanation of the cause of your health problem and how we CORRECT it. Find out what you are capable of once we ‘turn the life back on’ to your body. Peninsula Chiropractic is driven by referrals because we get great results, so share this page with others that are suffering from any pain or health problem. "Methods are many, Principles are few. Methods always change, Principles never do." – Warren Wiersbe

Healthcare… the way God designed it!

Being the Adjustment!

How can I be the adjustment? Since “the powers that be” have significantly restricted my ability to give the physical adjustment, I am striving to be of help as we aim to remove the interference on a higher level. This has the potential to be far more life changing...

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Proverbs 5:23

When the pain is gone the "away-from" motivation goes with it. To maintain the discipline required to achieve lasting change, growth and good health, having a vision for your life and reconnecting to your vision/purpose/calling on a regular basis is vital.

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