On Living Your Best Life

Discipline, or we could call it controlled suffering, is the way to life! Having the willingness to delay gratification, be proactive, live on principle, address the cause, steward well the only vehicle that you can't trade in that will carry you into your calling or drag you down to the depths - it's your choice!

We are here to help you work toward correction, optimal function and enable you to maintain optimal physical function... and we also encourage you journey that way on every level!

Here is some insights into other areas that may help you live better!


(click on image to see some of the principles that make for the best body/life)


"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

There are many principles that will guide you well along the journey that can make this your best life. Two fundamentals that are applicable on every level are:

  1. All of life happens Above-Down Inside-Out: it's not about filling you up and making your comfortable - it's about increasing your capacity to love and serve so more and more of the good stuff flows through us. 
  2. There's the wide gate and easy way that leads to degeneration or the narrow gate and more challenging way that leads to your best life - discipline and consistency are key! Discipline means taking steps in the right direction (not necessarily radical change that happens over night) and consistency is the driving force behind positive change