A Testimony From Bonnie

Dr. Egan is an amazing Chiropractor, very nice, very professional and friendly. I wouldn’t be hesitate to recommend Dr. Egan for anyone who needs a Chiropractic help.”Thomas Egan is amazing!.  I have had problems with circulation in my legs and back  pain where I could not walk 50 meters for the last 8 years.  Sleeping on a sofa to ease the back pain,  not being able to walk through a department store, numbness in my limbs, to a point where I have a handicapped sticker.  Vascular Surgeons and specialists said there was nothing they could do.  After the first session with Thomas, I was able to walk 3 hours in a mall and I slept in a bed.  After a few weeks with Thomas, my visits were reduced to once a week, then shortly after – every two weeks.  I have been in his care for 3 months, and this last week I danced for hours at a wedding and for New Years Eve.  For a person who could not walk up one flight of stairs or bend down to weed a garden – It is truly life changing to have the gift of mobility back.  I would strongly recommend Thomas Egan as a Chiropractor who can help change your lifestyle.” – Bonnie F. (Welland)