A Testimony From Wes

My wife and I were in a serious car accident in 2014. One of my many injuries was a condyle fracture with craniocervical disassociation (the base of my skull was partly separated from my neck). The Lord spared our lives and blessed us with healing. However, as a result of this injury, my head was crooked and I had pain in my neck. Although 2 years of Physiotherapy improved my neck, it was still a little crooked and I continued to have neck pain. We found Dr. Egan on the internet; he helped my wife with her back pain, and I decided to see what he could do about my neck. On my second visit, Dr. Egan adjusted my neck making it fully inline with my body. Then the pain in my neck went away. Since then I have been seeing Dr. Egan for the past six months and have continued to experience further healing. I am more than grateful to the Lord for his work through Dr. Egan and Peninsula Chiropractic.