Your Health: Five Tips for a More Balanced View

Posted Sep 1st, 2023 in Learning

Your Health: Five Tips for a More Balanced View

Time for a healthier perspective on health and 5 tips for a more balanced view

Your overall health is incredibly important and impacts every aspect of your life, from your energy levels and mood to your ability to work and play. However, in our modern, fast-paced society, it’s all too easy to develop an unhealthy perspective on health. We are bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ bodies, pushed towards extreme diets and exercise regimens, and often led to believe that being healthy means looking a certain way. This kind of mindset can be incredibly damaging and counterproductive.

Here are five ways to give yourself a healthier perspective on your overall health:

1. Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ body.

Every body is different, and what is healthy for one person may not be for another. Instead of striving for an unrealistic ideal, focus on being the best version of yourself. Listen to your body, pay attention to how you function, and make changes based on what makes you function better, not what you think you ‘should’ look like.

2. Focus on how you function, not how you look.

Your appearance is only one small part of your overall health. It’s much more important to pay attention to how you function physically and mentally. Are you energized and alert? Do you feel strong and capable? Are you sleeping well and managing stress? These are all important indicators of your health and wellbeing.

3. Find a balance.

It’s important to have a balanced approach to diet and exercise. Extreme diets and exercise regimens may lead to short term results, but they are often unsustainable and can be damaging in the long term. Instead, focus on making small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle that you can maintain over time.

4. Be kind to yourself.

It’s easy to be your own harshest critic, but it’s important to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with compassion and understanding, and try to maintain a positive mindset. Remember, it’s okay to have off days and it’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is how you pick yourself up and move forward.

5. Seek support if you need it.

It’s okay to ask for help if you need it. Whether it’s talking to a friend or family member, joining a support group, or seeking professional help, it’s important to reach out if you’re struggling. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and it’s okay to seek support if you need it.

Remember, your health is a journey, not a destination. It’s okay to have ups and downs, and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. What’s important is to maintain a balanced and healthy perspective, and to make positive changes that support your overall wellbeing.